I’ve gotten new thoughts on Matthew 18, regarding how to approach another believer who needs correction.  If finally they will not listen, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

And how did Jesus do that?

He ate with them, He called them to himself, He loved them…  Whoo Hoooo!

Oh, Lord.. forgive me! Forgive me for my righteous, indignant wrath upon the person who most desperately needs it…

Oh, Lord forgive me!!!


We are in all kinds of social settings. We can be with others off and on in all types of ways. We talk the weather, the preacher, the crops, the TV favorite. But when do we look at the person next to us and reflect on what may be going on in his heart. What tensions, what failures, what longings is that person dealing with? Would they want to talk with someone, anyone who cares?

Here I am…I think I’m fairly emotionally healthy, but I long for someone to make the first move toward me.. to ask about my week, to ask how I’m doing.. to really care. I can’t remember when it has last happened. ( maybe I have short-term memory loss!!!)  If I have those longings, I’m pretty sure everyone else does, too.

However, I want to renew my effort to be sensitive to others, to be ‘church’, to try to be ‘Jesus with skin on’

Tomorrow I begin leading the discussion on Philippians in our Ladies’ Sunday School Class. 

The Apostle Paul was in prison writing to the Gentlle believers in Phiippi. I’m amazed at his joy  and the love he displayed toward those who were keeping him detained.

Today was a very busy day and for awhile there, my attitude was not one of joy and acceptance. I kept thinking of Paul, tho’ and his desire to exalt Christ whether he lived or whether he died…

So tomorrow I will be asking the ladies what prison they are experiencing.. and I’ve been thinking of the prison(s) that move around in…I think most of mine are of my own choice.

So for the month of September I’m ‘teaching’ or leading the discussion of Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians.

How does one measure the success of the teacher? How does one measure the learning which takes place? Here we are.. we older women, sitting around the table, with our Bibles open, going over the passages that are so familiar to us…What are we going to do with the Scripture THIS time?

I don’t know.

God knows.

I don’t know yet. Still learning how this worksImage